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Feature Comparison

UNM IT offers a variety of web hosting solutions to meet department/club, student, faculty, and staff needs. The following matrix compares the high level features of each. Use the buttons (bottom of page) to request or setup web sites immediately.

PersonalDept2 (phasing out)cPanel
PrerequisitesAny netid

No longer available
for new requests.
Consider cPanel migration
if you are on this platform.

Department/Club Netid (info)
cPanel account (request)
UsagePersonalN/A - phasing outDepartment/Organization
Self setup Yes No Yes
Default storage (quota)50 MB50 MB (expandable)256 MB (expandable)
Cascade WCMS No Yes Yes
Web-based file manager No No Yes
Backups Yes Yes Yes (manual)
SFTP/SSH access Yes Yes Yes
Web Disk accounts for multiple users/editors No No Yes
PHP No 5.3 5.6 and 7.1
PHP Pear No No Yes
MySQL Databases No Yes Yes
MySQL Users/Permissions No No Yes
Remote MySQL access No No Yes
phpMyAdmin No Yes Yes
Error/Access logs No Yes Yes
Cron jobs No Yes Yes
Free SSL Certificates (HTTPS) Yes Yes Yes
Easy app installs and maintenance (Softaculous) No No Yes (available applications)
Setup NowNo Longer AvailableSetup Now